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A DI's Tale - Part 1

A DI's Tale - Part 2

A DI's Tale - Part 3

A DI's Tale - Part 4

A DI's Tale - Part 5

A DI's Tale - Part 6

A DI's Tale - Part 7

...Alcohol - Sequel to 'In Wine There is...'

...And Found
- Sequel to 'Lost...'

...In Love - Sequel to 'Falling...'

A Beary-tale - Sequel to 'Have You Hugged Your Jack Today?'

A Big Step

A Bit Of A Snag...

A Bit Tied Up? - Sequel to 'Birdsong'

A Brighter Shade Of Green - Sequel to 'Greener Than We Thought'

A Cat's Life

Accidental Emergency

Accidental Parenthood   

A Chaise Longue Too Far   

A Chance To Fight Back

Act Of Mercy

A Cunning Plan [G] - For 
[community profile] dailyprompt

A Cupboard Made For Two - Sequel to 'Cupboard Plans'

A Dangerous Job   


Adhesive Butterfly - Sequel to 'Elusive Butterfly'

A Dirty Business

A Distant World [G] - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing


Advantage, Jack

Adventures In Kitten Sitting - Sequel to 'A Playmate For Nosy'

A Fezzy Tale

A Friend In Need - Sequel to 'Alone' by timelordshines

Aftereffects - Coda to 'Weird Awakening'

After Hours Visit - Sequel to 'Late Return'

Aftermath - Sequel to 'Cleanup'  

After The Battle

After The Storm   



A Girl's Best Friend

A Hairy Problem

Ailing Alien

Alarming Discovery


Alien Customs - Double drabble

Aliens Only

Alien Spotting

A Life In Boxes

All A-Twitter

All Done Up

All Dressed Up

Alley Encounter

All Grown Up - Sequel to 'Still Growing'

All's Bare - Sequel to 'Bare Walls'

All That Glitters...

A Long Awaited Sound

A Long Wait

Always Hungry

A Mammoth Problem

A Matter Of Opinion

A Matter Of Scale


Ambitious Plan - Sequel to 'Jack's Idea'

A Merry Heatwave

A Mystifying Phone Call

An Apple A Day - Sequel to 'If You're Not Careful'   

A Natural Mistake - For KitandMip

And Yet...   

A New Dream   

A New Start

Anniversary Scratched

Annual Event 

Another Big Step - Sequel to 'A Big Step'

Another Birthday

Another Chance   

Another Confrontation   

Another One   

Answers - Sequel to 'Questions'


An Unforgettable Sight   

An Unwelcome Sight

A Pair Again - Sequel to 'Little Lost Sock'

A Playmate For Nosy - Sequel to 'The Waif' - For 
[personal profile] kul_breez

Application Rejected   

Apprehended - Sequel to 'At The Source'

April Fool   

A Quiet Drink

A Rabbit's Tale   

A Rabbit's Tale - Part Two   

A Rabbit’s Tale – Part Three   

A Rabbit’s Tale – Part Four   

A Rare Treasure   



A Safe Place

A Series Of Misfortunes   


A Sight To Behold - For 
[personal profile] red_day_dawning

A Slight Emergency...

A Slight Hitch

A Soothing Sound - For 
[personal profile] red_day_dawning

A Sorry Tail

Assistance Welcome

A Sticky Problem   

A Sticky Situation - Sequel to 'A Sticky Problem'

A Sticky Solution - Sequel to 'A Sticky situation' 

At A Standstill

A Time To Heal

At Long Last!

A Traditional Boxing Day

A Tricky Problem

At Sunset - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing

At The Hub - Sequel to 'Oh, Jack!'

At The Source - Sequel to 'Hatching Like Rabbits'

Attitude Adjustment - Sequel to 'Confessions'

Attractive - Double drabble

Autumn Temptation   

A Weevil In Love   

A Weevilly Inconvenience   


Awkward Question - Sequel to 'Owning Up'

Awkward Situation - Sequel to 'Mobbed'

Babysitting Blues - For jsks 

Back At The Hub - Sequel to 'Rainy Night'

Backbreaking Work


Back To Normal? - Sequel to 'De-Clawed'

Back Trouble - For 
[personal profile] fanbot   

Bad Hair Day

Bad Idea

Bad Jack! - Sequel to 'Beware Of The Cook'

Bad Move

Bad Timing

Baked Goodies

Bake Sale

Balls! - Part 1

Balls! - Part 2

Balls! - Part 3

Balls! - Part 4

Balls! - Part 5

Balls! - Part 6

Ball Trouble

Barbecue Weather

Barefoot And Pregnant

Bare Walls

Basking - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing

Bear Hug - Sequel to 'Unbearable'

Bear No More - Sequel to 'Bear Hug'

Beauty First


Bedtime Story   


Begging - Sequel to 'Interesting Offers'

Being A Friend

Being A Team

Being Grown Up

Being Polite - Double drabble

Being The Boss

Belated Realisation - Sequel to 'After Hours Visit'


Beneath The Stars

Be Prepared - Double drabble

Best In Town


Beware Of The...

Beware Of The Cook

Big Moment

Birdsong - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing

Bird Trouble   

Birthday Boy

Birthday Girl

Bittersweet Find

Bitter Thoughts

Blanket Hog

Blink - Part 1

Blink - Part 2

Blink - Part 3

Blossom Time   


Blue Is The Colour...   

Blurred Lines

Boeshane Family Tree   

Bond In Cardiff - Quadruple drabble - For angelsphonebox

Bond Of Blood


Boom! - Sequel to 'One Shot'

Booted - Sequel to 'Options'


Boxing Day Cleanup - Part 1

Boxing Day Cleanup - Part 2

Boxing Day Cleanup - Part 3

Boxing Day Cleanup - Part 4

Branching Out - Sequel to 'The Rift In Autumn'



Brewing Up

Brief Visitor
 - Sequel to 'Revelations'

Budding Gardener

Buffet Lunch

Bundle Of Joy

Bunnymoon - Sequel to 'Goodbye Bunnies'

Burnt Offerings   

By A Shady Pool - Sequel to 'Why Don't We...?'

Cake Surprise

Cake Thief



Can't Hold Us

Can't Resist

Captain Fluff Saves The World   

Cardiff In Wartime

Cardiff's Superhero

Catch Of The Day - Sequel to 'Treasure Of The Deep'


Catty - Sequel to 'A Cat's Life'


Caught Unawares - Sequel to 'Forever In Blue Jeans'

Cause For Concern

Change Of Plans


Cheering Up

Cheering Up Gordon   

Chicken Story

Childhood Memories   

Choc Shock

Choosing Names   

Christmas Card - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing

Christmas Delivery

Christmas Gloom

Christmas In The Sun - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing

Christmas Vacation - F
or [personal profile] star54kar

Civilised Manners    


Cleanup - Sequel to 'Victory'

Cleanup Problems

Climbing The Walls

Closing Down

Cloud Watching   

Cold Comfort   

Come Back, Jack Harry Teesdale   

Comforter - Double drabble

Comfort Food

Coming Back   

Coming Unfluffed - For 
[personal profile] milady_dragon

Communicative Butterfly - Sequel to 'Reflective Butterfly'


Competitive - For 
[personal profile] fanbot   

Complex Calculations - First of five - For 
[personal profile] owensheart   


Conceding Defeat - Sequel to 'Hula-la'

Confessions - Sequel to 'Begging'

Confusing - Torchwood/Doctor Who

Considering - Sequel to 'Attitude Adjustment'

Constant Cravings - Sequel to 'Craving Dangers'


Conversing Cousins - Sequel to 'Awkward Question'


Cool Idea


Could Do Better - Sequel to 'Wielding A Red Pen'

Covert Activities

Craving Dangers - Sequel to 'What Jack Wants'  

Craving Dangers Solved - Sequel to 'Constant Cravings' 

Creature Feature - For 
[personal profile] star54kar   


Crossed Wires   

Cupboard Hunt - Sequel to 'Requesting Supplies'

Cupboard Plans - Sequel to 'Cupboard Hunt'

Curious Collection

Dangerous Job

Dawn Chorus


Day Of Dread

Day Or Night?

Death Of An Agent

Deca What?



Deck The Hub - For 
[personal profile] milady_dragon   

De-Clawed - Sequel to 'Friends'

Decorative Butterfly - Sequel to 'Impulsive Butterfly'

Decoy - Sequel to 'Expendable'

Deductions - Sequel to 'Finding Clues'

Deep Underground

Defining Daisy - Sequel to 'Not Seeing Things' 

Defrosting Day   

Defrosting Jack - Sequel to 'Cold Comfort'   

Departure - Sequel to 'Considering'



Destiny Or Chance? - Double drabble - TTAS


Different Tastes - Sequel to 'Food For Thought'

Dilemma - Sequel to 'What's The Catch?'

Dinner Date

Dinner Plans

Dirty Work

Disaster Averted - Sequel to 'Of Course'

D. I. Why?

Doctor Owen Harper - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing   

Done Fishing - Sequel to 'Dilemma'

Don't Ask

Don't Blink

Don't Try Again - Coda to 'A Matter Of Scale'


Double Trouble


Dress To Impress

Drifting Away


Driving Ban

Driving Practice

Dumb Question

Duty First   

Ear, Ear   

Early Thaw - Sequel to 'Preparing For Battle'   

Early To Bed

Earning Redemption

Earnshaw Strikes Again - Triple drabble

Easter Sunday

Easter Surprise

Easy As Pie...

Easy Option

Easy Way Out

Eat And Run


Elegance [G]

Elusive Butterfly  

Emergency Situation

Empress Of Earth - Sequel to 'The Perils Of Boredom' -  For 
[personal profile] star54kar

Empty House

Empty Spaces

End Of An Era   

Enjoying The View - For 
[personal profile] lexxiescott

Eternal Bond

Eternal Love - Coda to fic 'Fixed Points'

Eternal Remorse


Everyone Has Them   

Everyone Needs A Teddy Bear - Sequel to 'Treasured Possessions'

Everything Had Changed   


Expecting The Unexpected   


Expert Opinion

Eye Opener

Eyes - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing

Eyes Of Age - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing

Eye Spy

Facing A Long Wait

Facts Of Fluff    



Failed Repair

Fair Trade   

Fair Warning

Fairytale Wedding

Faithful To The End   

Fallen Hero   


Falling Hero

Fallout - Sort of sequel to 'Suspicion'

Family Bonding

Family Gifts

Fat Flufflet

Father's Day

Fear Of Falling   

Fearsome Creature - Triple drabble

Feeding Time   

Feeding Torchwood   

Feeling Old

Feeling Weevilish (Sequel To 'A Weevilly Inconvenience')   

Fences - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing

Ferreting About - Sequel to 'Transforming'

Festival Of Trees - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing



Field Tested - Sequel to 'Brief Visitor'

Field Testing Begins - Sequel to 'I Spy'

Fighting Back   

Final Anniversary

Final Chance  

Final Polish

Finding A Smile

Finding Clues - Sequel to 'Problem Solving Strategy'

Finding Doctor Weevil (Sequel To 'Feeling Weevilish')   

Finding Happiness

Finding Ianto - Triple drabble

Finding Release - Sequel to 'Seeking Release'

Finishing Touch

First Anniversary - For 
[personal profile] red_day_dawning

First Birthday

First Day   

First Loves

First Sip

First Test - Sequel To 'New Toy'

Fit To Be Tied - Sequel to 'Useful Gift'

Five Thousand Years - My 501st drabble. 500 chapters on

Fledglings - Sequel to 'Mummy Ianto'

Flexercise - Double drabble

Fluff Bonding - Sequel to 'Family Bonding'

Fluff Heaven

Fluff In A Huff


Fluffy Bundle - Double drabble


Fly Me Home - Double drabble

Food For Thought   

Foot In Mouth   

Foot in Mouth: Jack
 - Sequel to 'Rebuked'

Forever In Blue Jeans

Forever Love   

Forewarned Is Forearmed   

For Lisa 

For Love Of...

For Love Of Family  

Forty Shades Of Green


Found Gilty

Found Guilty

Fragmented - Sequel to 'Keeping Busy'


Freak Accident - For 
[personal profile] star54kar

Friends - Sequel to 'Licked'



Fuelled By Coffee   


Funfair Fun - For angelsphonebox   

Future Dreams   


Genius at Work

Get A Grip!

Get Out Of That, Then    

Get Well Soon


Glass Half Full

Glorious Mud - Double drabble

Gnome Is Where The Heart Is   

Going Ape   

Going Holmes - Sequel to fic 'The Game's Afoot'

Golden Ring


Gone Fishing   

Gone, Gone, Gone   

Gone Missing

Goodbye Bunnies - Sequel to 'Not Quite Rabbits'

Goodbye Town

Good Excuse

Good Newts! - For 
[personal profile] kul_breez   

Goodnight Sweet Ferret - Sequel to 'Ferreting About'

Good Question

Good Samaritan

Green Blues

Greener Than We Thought   

Green Fluff

Green Invaders    

Greeting Lily - Sequel to 'Christmas Delivery'

Growth Spurt

Grow Your Own - Part 1

Grow Your Own - Part 2

Grow Your Own - Part 3

Grow Your Own - Part 4

Guilt - For comment_fic

Guilty Conscience

Gun Play - Sequel to 'Improvising'

Gwen's Foot In Mouth

Gwen's Question

Gwen's Special Occasion

Hair Raising

Half Life   

Halloween Fright


Handy Hoix

Happy Belated Birthday, Ianto... - For Ianto's 31st Birthday

Happy Birthday, Jack - Sequel to 'What's Going On?' - For 
[personal profile] owensheart

Happy Christmas - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing

Hard To Bear - Sequel to 'A Beary-tale

Hard To Choose

Harvest's End

Hatching Like Rabbits - Sequel to 'Easter Surprise'

Hatchlings - Sequel to 'Little Balls'

Have You Hugged Your Jack Today?   

Hazardous Hunt - Part 1

Hazardous Hunt - Part 2

Hazardous Hunt - Part 3

Hazardous Hunt - Part 4

Headache Cure


Healthy Diet

Hell On Earth


Helping Hands

Help Wanted

Her Father's Words

High Fliers - Quadruple Drabble - For 
[personal profile] milady_dragon

High Rise


His Last Chance - For 
[community profile] dailyprompt

Historic Moment

Holding On To Hope


Home Baking

Home From The Fair

Homeless Bears - Sequel to 'Another One'

Homemade Treats - For 
[personal profile] star54kar   

Homeward Bound - Sequel to 'Stargazing'

Home Wreckers


Horrible Sight

Horrific News

Hot Or Not

Hot Pursuit -
 For angelsphonebox

Hot Stuff [PG] - For 
[personal profile] milady_dragon

How Many More?

How To Create A Monster   

Hula-la - Sequel to 'Try, And Try Again'


Ianto Is Late!

Ianto Puts His Foot Down 

Ianto's In Demand

I Can See Clearly Now

Ideas & Invites - Sequel to 'Booted'

Identified - Sequel to 'Field Testing Begins'

Identifying The Impossible - Sequel to 'Zoo Or False'

Identity Crisis   

If You're Not Careful... - Sequel to 'It's escaped!'

Ignorance Is Bliss   

I Got A Bite! - Sequel to 'Just Fishing'

Illegal Alien  - Sequel to 'Illusive Alien'


Illusive Alien   



Impulsive Butterfly - Sequel to 'Adhesive Butterfly'


In A State


Indelible - For 
[community profile] dailyprompt   

Information Retrieval   

In His Blood


Instant Coffee Blues    

In Sympathy

Interesting Offers - Sequel to 'Welcoming Visitors' 



In The Dark

In The Line Of Duty

In The Marshes

In The Service Of Humanity

In The Shadows    

In The Tub

Into The Wilds



In Wine There Is...   

I Spy - Sequel to 'Third time Lucky?'

I Spy...

It Must Be Friday   

It Must Be Spring

It's Alive! - Sequel to 'Object Unknown'

It's Escaped!   

It's Good To Be Green - Sequel to 'A Brighter Shade Of Green'

It's Not Unusual - For Torchwood   

Jack Behaving Badly   

Jack In Wonderland

Jack Of Some Trades

Jack's Back - Sequel to 'Plan Of Action'

Jack's Choice

Jack's Idea

Jack's Request - Sequel to 'Planning Ahead'

Jack's Style

Jack's Wheely Bad Day

Janet Meets George

January 25th

Job Offer

Joining In - Sequel to 'The Gathering'

Jones, Ianto Jones

Jones The Red

July Fourth

Jumping The Gun   

Junior Genius

Just A Shower

Just Desserts

Just Fishin' - Sequel to 'By A Shady Pool'

Just Us

Keep Going   

Keeping Busy   

Lady Of Bad Luck   

Lashing Out

Late Night Alert   

Late Night Snack

Late Return - Sequel to 'Alarming Discovery'

Laying Down The Law   

Laying Ghosts To Rest  

Lazy Day -
For [personal profile] kul_breez


Leap Of Faith


Leather Clad   

Leprechaun Logic   

Letters Home

Let Them Eat Cake - Sequel to 'First Birthday'

Library Surprise   

Licked - Sequel to 'Catty'

Life Goes On - Double drabble

Like A Soap   

Like A Statue

Like Brothers   

Like Father, Like Daughter

Like Weeds    

Lip Service

Little Balls

Little Fingers

Little Lost Sock - Sequel to 'The Loneliness Of A Single Sock'

Little Weed!   

Live-In Help 

Living Paradox   

Local Attractions

Locked In   

London Bound

Long Lunch

Looking In

Losing Herself


Lost And Found - Sequel to 'Happy Birthday, Jack' - For 
[personal profile] owensheart

Lost Or Strayed?

Lost Property   

Lot Number 8

Love & Chocolate - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing  

LoveHate Thing   

Love Isn't Blind


Love Story

Love Vs Lust

Loyal Friend

Lucky Day

Lunchtime Disaster



Marking Time - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing


Masked Bandit


Meat Dreams

Memento Mori

Memories Of Estelle

Memories Of Katie

Mending Stuart's Leg   

Messy Eater - Double drabble



Millennium Plus One

Mind Your Language

Misinformed - For 
[personal profile] red_day_dawning


Missing Jack

Missing Out


Mister Mum

Mistletoe Kisses


Monster Mash   

Monstrous Beastie

More Than He Seems   

More To See


Morning Sun

Mother's Day

Mother's Day Plans

Motivated - Double drabble


Moving Day   

Moving On   

Mucky Pup

Mud And Bother

Muddied Up



Mummy Ianto - Sequel to 'Hatchlings'

Murphy's Law

Musical Mystery - 
For angelsphonebox

Myf Spotted


Mystery Box   

Mystery Explained - Sequel to 'Jack's Request'

Mystery Gifts

Mystery Meat    

Mystery Solved - Sequel to 'Deductions'

Mystery Worm


Naming Owen - Sequel to 'The Name Game'

Natural Attraction   

Naughty Or Nice?

Navigation Error   

Never Happy

New Beginning   

New Life

New Perspective

New Recruit

News Hound

New Toy   

New Trick

Nice View   

Night Feeds   

Night Fright   

Night Fright - Owen's POV   

Night Frost


Night Off

Night Visit

No Dominion   

No Escape

No Good Choices  

No Harm Done - Sequel to 'What Could Go Wrong?'

No Hero

No Rest    


Nostalgia - For 
[personal profile] fanbot

Nostalgic Mood

Not Alone

Not Amused   

Not A Pretty Sight

Not As Described

Not-Earth Worms

Not Enough   

Not Home

Not Just For Mums

Not Lost

Not Our Problem

Not Quite As Planned   

Not Quite Everything [G]

Not Quite Rabbits - Sequel to 'Apprehended'

Not Seeing Things - Sequel to 'Seeing Things?'

Not So Lucky

Not So Silent Night   

Not So 'Super' Man    

Not The Usual

Not To Blame - Double drabble

Nowhere Particular - Sequel to 'The Great escape' 

No Worries



Object Unknown   

Odd One Out

Of Course - Sequel to 'The Naked Truth'

Official Commemoration

Off The Menu

Oh Crumbs! - For [personal profile] milady_dragon   

Oh, Jack! - Sequel to 'One Dark And Stormy Night...'

Old Favourite   

Once In A Moonlit Junkyard   

On Display

One Dark And Stormy Night...

One Giant Leap - Sequel to 'Defining Daisy' 

One Good Reason   

One Hand - For Zealith on AO3

One Hell Of A Life   

One Rock At A Time 

One Shot - Sequel to 'Decoy'

One Sunny Day   

One Whole Year

Only In The Countryside!

On Repeat

On The Hunt   

On Their Way
- Sequel to 'The Ideal Gift'

On The Run?   


Options - Sequel to 'Field Tested'

Ordinary Copper

Other Uses 1

Other Uses 2

Other Uses 3

Out Of Character

Out Of Milk   

Out Of Sight

Out Of Step   

Out Of Time

Outside Influence

Out To Lunch









Owen And The Great Outdoors

Owen's Plan - Double drabble

Owning Up

Pale Purple Leather   

Party Aftermath

Party Crashed

Perfect Casting

Perfect Picture

Perfect Weather

Personal Grooming - Sequel to 'Coming Unfluffed' - For 
[personal profile] lexxiescott



Phone Error   

Picking Up The Pieces   

Piece Of Cake - Sequel to 'Easy As Pie...'

Pied Piper  

Planning Ahead - Sequel to 'Unexpected Sight'

Plan Of Action - Sequel to 'What Happened?'

Playing Gooseberry   

Plum Unlucky

Point Of View

Police Protection

Poor Dizzy

Poor Myf - For jsks   

Position: Impossible

Possible Doom


Precious Memento

Precious Memories

Precious Metals

Precious Things

Predicament - For 
[personal profile] red_day_dawning


Preparing For Battle - Sequel to 'Defrosting Jack'

Prettied Up

Prior Experience


Problem Solving Strategy - Sequel to 'Strange Morning'

Proof Of Guilt - Double drabble


Public Service

Public Vs. Private

Pumpkin Contest



Puzzling Pictures

Puzzling Problem


Questions - Sequel to 'Taking Hart'

Quite A Team - Sequel to 'The Last One'


Rain And Weevils   

Raining Tears - For 
[personal profile] red_day_dawning   

Rainstorm - For 
[personal profile] star54kar

Rainy Night

Rampage - For Guest

Real Food



Reclaiming Property - Sequel to 'Lost Property'


Red Faced

Red Nose   

Red Paint

Red Sky

Refined Tastes

Reflective Butterfly - Sequel to 'Restrictive Butterfly'


Rejection Revenge

Reliving The Present



Repairs - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing

Requesting Supplies



Restrictive Butterfly - Sequel to 'Transmissive Butterfly'

Resuming Normality - Sequel to 'Time to Go'

Returning Agatha    

Revelations - Sequel to 'Answers'


Renenge, Fluff Style


Rhys' Revelation

Rift Rain

Road Closed

Romantic Dinner

Rough Road

Rough Sex

Royal Invitation

Royal Purple   



Running Bare   

Running Down - Sequel to 'Fragmented'



Safe And Warm

Safe And Sound - Double drabble

Safe Harbour   



Sausage Envy


Saved By The Library    

Scarred Love - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing


Season Of Mists 

Second Chance   


Second Test - Sequel to 'First Test'

Secret Weapon    

Seeing Double

Seeing Is Believing

Seeing Red

Seeing Red Again

Seeing The Stars

Seeing Things? - Sequel to 'What's In A Name?'

Seeking Refuge

Seeking Release

Sentimental Value



Sexbot Coda - For 
[personal profile] fanbot & [personal profile] red_day_dawning




She Shoots, She Scores! - Sequel to 'Tidy-Minded'

Shiny Leather


Shopping For Dresses - For jsks

Sidekick Or Hero? - Sequel to 'Cardiff's Superhero'

Silence Is...   

Silent Longing - Double drabble

Silly Lies - Double drabble - For 
[personal profile] anastasisrick

Silly Question

Simple Logic   

Simple Pleasures

Singing The Blues

Situations Vacant   

Size Matters

Skilled Opponent





Smoke And Mirrors   


Sneak Thief   

Sneak Thief Revealed   

Snickered - Quadruple drabble - For 
[personal profile] missthingsplace

Snooping - For 
[personal profile] asia27


Snow And Tell - Sequel to 'A Slight Emergency...'

Snow Joke - 
For [personal profile] megans_writing

Soap Addicts   

Soap Star   

Sobering Sight

Sock Hunt - Sequel to 'Wandering Sock'

Sock Trouble [G] - Double drabble - For 
[community profile] dailyprompt

Soggy Situation - For angelsphonebox


Something In The Dark [G]

Something To Hide   

Soother - Double drabble



Souped Up

Spartan Living   

Special Delivery

Specialised Diet

Special Sauce


Speculations - Sequel to 'Which Is Which?'


Spider-Man 2: Jack's POV

Spider-Man 3: Searching The Web

Spider-Man 4: Jack's Revenge

Spider-Man 5: Bedtime Blues

Spider-Man 6: Acts Of Kindness

Spider-Man 7: Back To Jack


Spotted Ianto


Spring In Cardiff   

Spring Storm

Spying - Quadruple drabble

Squeezing In

Stag Do

Stalking Prey

Stargazing - Sequel to 'Watching The Skies'   

Starless Night [G]

Stars - For angelsphonebox

Starting Over

Stay The Night

Still Growing - Sequel to 'Fledglings'

Still No Decision - Sequel to 'Hard To Choose'

Still Not Amused - Sequel to 'Not Amused'

Stop That Castle!   

Stories At Bedtime

Stormy Weather   


Stranded On Halloween

Strange Behaviour - Double drabble

Strange Invention - For KitandMip

Strange Morning

Strategy - Sequel to 'Speculations'

Stress Relief - Sequel to 'Deck The Hub' - For 
[personal profile] sendian1

Stuck - Double drabble




Stunted Growth




Suitable Attire

Summer Cold

Sunrise Vigil

Supermarket Blues - For [personal profile] ladymadariaga

Supermarket Shock   

Support Your Local Dragons


Surprise! - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing


Surprising Ianto

Surprising Jack

Surrogate Mum

Suspension - Sequel to 'Act Of Mercy'


Suspicious Behaviour

Sweater Weather   

Sweet Annie

Sweet Nothings - For 
[personal profile] red_day_dawning

Sweet Release - Sequel to 'Undone'

Sweet Shopping - Sequel to 'Twisted Timelines' - For DarqueQueen7

Sweet Treats

Tailgate Musings   

Taking A Break

Taking Hart - Sequel to 'Identified'

Taking Over

Tall Tales - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing   


Task Completed!

Taste Test

Tasty Treats   

Team Medic

Team Torchwood

Technical Problems

Telling Lies   

Telling The Team - Sequel to 'Wonderful News'

Temporary Teddy Bear   

Terrible Pun

That Sinking Feeling   

That Special Smile

The Archives

The Art Of Concealment   

The Boeshane Way

The Caffeine Provider   

The Club

The Coming Of The Beast   

The Cookie Thief - For 
[personal profile] milady_dragon

The Disappearance Of Agatha   

The Domino Effect    

The Duel   

The Family Line   

The Final Test

The First Slice

The Gathering   

The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Sequel to 'On Their Way'

The Great Escape   

The Greatest Gift - Sequel to 'Lost And Found' - for 
[personal profile] owensheart

The Greener Option

The Ideal Gift - Sequel to 'Still No Decision'

The Kiss   

The Language Of Vegetables   

The Last One - Sequel to 'Naming Owen'

The Late Dr Harper

The Late Uncle

The Leather Look

The Library Of Lives    

The Library Vandal   

The Loneliness Of A Single Sock - Sequel to 'Sock Hunt'

The Loser

The Man

The Menagerie

The Monster

The Naked Truth - Sequel to 'Running Bare' 

The Name Game - Sequel to 'Sidekick Or Hero?

The New Pet - Sequel to 'Back At The Hub'

The Note   

The Pendant

The Perfect Date. Almost...   

The Perils Of Boredom - For 
[personal profile] star54kar   

The Possimpible - Sequel to 'Identifying The Impossible'

The Price Of Betrayal   

The Rift In Autumn   

The Right Spot - For 
[community profile] fic_promptly

The Same Love

The Sandwich Mystery   

The Scarf - Sequel to 'Compulsion'   

The Scent Of A Ianto - For 
[personal profile] red_day_dawning

The Search   

The Sound Of...   

The Stopwatch

The Swarm

The Thing

The Thing In Wesley's Shed   

The Torchwood Buffet Mystery   

The Torchwood Library   

The Torchwood Nannies

The Treasure Of The Deep - Sequel to 'Mud And Bother'

The Trio   

The Waif - Quadruple Drabble for 
[personal profile] kul_breez & Francine S

The Waist Land 

The Way To A Weevil's Heart   

The Weirdest Thing

The World Is Ending   

The Worst Patient

Things That Matter

Third Time Lucky? - Sequel to 'Second Test'

Threat Neutralized


Tidy-Minded - Sequel to 'One Giant Leap'

Tied Up - Sequel to 'Fit To Be Tied'

Timely Arrival

Time To Diet

Time To Go - Sequel to 'Strategy

Today's Lesson


Too Easy

Too Many Keys

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Torchwood Christmas Morning - Quadruple drabble For Francine S

Torchwood Life

Torchwood On Ice - Quintuple drabble for angelsphonebox

Torchwood Trick Or Treat  


Tosh's Predicament

Training Myf



Transforming - First Prequel to 'Weird Awakening'

Transmissive Butterfly - Sequel to 'Decorative Butterfly'



Trash Or Treasure?   

Treasured Possessions   

Tree-Homing - Sequel to 'Branching Out'   


Tropical Vacation

True Love   


Truly, Madly, Bradley

Trust Me

Try, And Try Again - Sequel to 'Ambitious Plan'

Tug Of War - For 
[personal profile] fanbot

Twisted Timelines - Sequel to 'The Scarf'

Two Fathers' Day

Uh Oh!


Unbearable - Sequel to 'Hard To Bear'

Unbearable? - For 
[personal profile] neverminetohold

Unbelievable - For 
[personal profile] fanbot


Underground Lair

Undersea World

Under The Weather


Undone - Sequel to 'Tied Up'

Unexpected Hazard

Unexpected News   

Unexpected Sight

Unexpected Visitors

Unfair Advantage

Unhappy Anniversary


Unidentifiable Flying Objects   


UNIT Ianto

Unlikely Friendships   

Unlucky In Love   


Unpleasant Discovery

Unprepared - For 
[personal profile] milady_dragon


Untied - Sequel to 'Sweet Release'

Unusual Suspect


Unwanted Gift

Unwelcome Assistance   

Unwelcome News

Unwelcome Visitor   

Un-zoo-table - Sequel to 'The Possimpible'

Up High

Urban Redevelopment   

Useful Gift - Sequel to 'Festooned'

Useful Talent

Useful Tool

Use Your Loaf


Value Is Relative


Victory - Sequel to 'Early Thaw'

View From A Hill


Visit From An Old Friend

Vital Skill

Voices - Double drabble - For 
[personal profile] red_day_dawning


Waking - Sequel to 'Waiting'

Wandering Sock - Sequel to 'Lost Or Strayed?'

Warm Bodies - For 
[personal profile] megans_writing


Watching Bond

Watching The Clock   

Watching The Skies - Sequel to 'An Unforgettable Sight'

Watching The Storm   


Way Down Deep

Weather Woes

Wedded Bliss - Companion to 'Big Moment'

Wedding Daze   

Weed Control - Double drabble - Sequel to 'Green Invaders'

Weekend Away

Weevil Welfare


Weird Awakening - Sequel to 'Goodnight Sweet Ferret'

Weirdest Foods   

Weird Noises

Welcoming Visitors - Sequel to 'Ideas & Invites'

Well Hidden

Wet Weather Gear

What Could Go Wrong? - Sequel to 'Unwelcome News'

What Happened? - Sequel to 'At The Hub'

What Is It?   

What Jack Wants   

What Money Can't Buy [G]

What Now?   

What's Cooking?

What's Going On? - Sequel to 'Complex Calculations' - For 
[personal profile] owensheart   

What's In A Name? - Sequel to 'Un-zoo-table' 

What's Red And Fluffy?

What's The Catch? - Sequel to 'I Got A Bite!'

What's This?

What The Doctor Ordered

What They Don't Know   

What To Wear?

Where's Jack?

Where There's A Fluff, There's A Way

Which Is Which?
- Sequel to 'Seeing Double'

White Dress Blues

Who Are You?

Whoever She Wanted To Be

Who Made A Bit Of A Splash? - Sequel to 'Catch Of The Day'

Why Don't We...?

Wide Open Spaces

Wielding A Red Pen

Wild Bunch

Wild Ride

Wild Thing

Winter Fun - For jsks

With A Bump

Withdrawal Symptoms - For 
[community profile] dailyprompt 2014-01-11

Woeful Weevil

Wonderful News!

Working Out    

Workplace Hazard

Workplace Tension   

Worlds Apart  


Worrying Behaviour   

Worrying Silence

Worst Behaviour

Worth Staring At [PG] - Sequel to 'On Display'

Worth The Price - Companion Piece To 'Pale Purple Leather'

You Solve One Problem... - Sequel to 'Fighting Back'

Zoo Or False? - Sequel to 'Disaster Averted   

The Twelve Days Of Riftmas

The First Day...   

The Second Day...   

The Third Day...   

The Fourth Day...   

The Fifth Day...   

The Sixth Day...   

The Seventh Day...   

The Eighth Day...   

The Ninth Day...   

The Tenth Day...   

The Eleventh Day...   

The Twelfth Day...   

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