Jan. 1st, 2030 12:01 am
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Welcome to badly_knitted's Fluff Emporium, home to mostly fluffy Torchwood fanfic and other things I may see fit to randomly include.

To answer all the questions I'm sure everyone is asking (pause for hysterical laughter): Yes, I am the same badly_knitted you may have noticed over on LJ; No, I'm not abandoning LJ, at least not for the moment, depends on whether or not they resolve the whole twitter/facebook debacle. In the meantime, this journal will make it easier to keep up with - and comment on - the fics written by those of you who, for understandable reasons, are only allowing comments over here. I've not taken that step yet - I think I've managed to block the facebook/twitter link thingies, but being a technological dunce I'm not certain. I'm not on facebook or twitter by choice, so if anyone spots anything to do with me over there, I'd be grateful if you'd let me know.

For now, I will be posting the fics on my LJ over here as well - call it a backup plan, just in case.

If anyone pops over to read, then I hope you'll enjoy, comments would also be welcome. Don't be shy, introduce yourselves, I don't bite!
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