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Back stitch on the girl herself is now complete and I've started on the border, just across the bottom so far. Seven roses and two butterflies to go. It's so exciting!
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I know I only updated yesterday, but the difference the back stitch is making is so striking I just had to share. There's still a lot to do, but it's taken me two days, and about three hours of stitching, to get this far. 

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I've been a bit remiss about posting updates, got a bit carried away with the stitching, so here are the last two pictures. I'm on to the back stitch now, which is going to take a while, but it's already looking good. The only back stitch on these pictures is around her eyes.
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It's four years today, almost to the minute, since my mum passed away, so I was feeling down, but then I saw this...
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Right, first update on the art nouveau lady!

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Okay, here's a set of floral designs I finished late last year but didn't get around to photographing until now. They're stitched on 14 count with two strands of thread.

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A little later than intended, thanks to life getting in the way, but here at last are the pics of the 60th birthday card I made for my friend. Unfortunately, it went a bit wonky when I stuck it to the card because it's quite large. I used one strand of thread on 18 count fabric, so the stitched piece is a little over 6 inches tall by about 3 1/3 wide.

There should be more to the border, another shade filling in most of the gaps, but I liked the simpler version so I left it at that.

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It's that time again! [community profile] torchwood_fest is looking for prompts and writers.

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[community profile] torchwood_fest[community profile] torchwood_fest is hosting a Winter prompt fest. We're opening September 15th with a call for prompts. Posting starts in December. Come discover some of the government's most hidden secrets!

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I've finally managed to finish a set of really fiddly designs. The pictures don't show it very clearly but they used 15 colours, some of which were so similar I couldn't see the difference except in bright daylight. There's also a lot of backstitch, and one of the designs I had to start again after accidentally dropping my yogurt on the first attempt...

These are small designs, stitched on 14 count.

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I finished another set of small designs for cards, this time some bees and honey. The two small ones were stitched on 14 count and and the four larger ones on 16 count, because that was all I had that was easily accessible. Most of my fabric is stored in a big old chest that currently has a lot of stuff piled on top it and I didn't feel like moving it all to get at my stash of 14 count.

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Yay! I've managed to complete another set of designs! These ones are a mix of cross stitch and coloured blackwork, stitched on 14 count. The big ones were designed for bookmarks but I'll be making mine into birthday cards as I've got some tall, narrow card blanks that will fit them nicely. The two small ones will be gift tags.
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I started stitching these a few years back and recently discovered them again - five were complete, one only needed a bit of back stitch, and the last two hadn't been started, so I thought I'd better finish the set before I got on with anything new. I stitched them on 18 count fabric, instead of the recommended 14 count, which proved really fiddly, but I think the end result makes them worth the effort, eye strain, and headaches... Doubt I'll stitch them again though. @_@
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It's no exaggeration to say I feel violated. Someone on FF.Net has taken one of the stories I posted last night (a FAKE ficlet titled 'A Hearty Breakfast), added vile and repulsive content to it, and posted it as their own work. They've also done the same with another story by somone else in a different fandom.

I don't get what makes someone like this tick. This person also had the nerve to 'review' my story before stealing it, if they hadn't I might not have learned about the sickening plagiarism because I went to their profile page looking for a way to ban them or report them. I'm both glad and sorry I found out, because I can't un-see what they added to my story.

I've reported them, so I only hope that will help. If any of you have acounts on FF.Net, I'd appreciate your support ov er gettung this person banned. They call themselves Horenissa.
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To all my friends, readers, lurkers, and anyone else who happens to drop by, I wish you all a Very Happy New Year. May 2018 bring you health, good fortune, happiness, and the company of good friends! Lets's all help each other to make the coming year the best ever! *hugs you all*
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my friends! May 2018 be a wonderful year for you all!

Also, thank you to everyone who sent Christmas cards. I sent some myself, but they were a bit late so they probably won't arrive until the New Year. Better late than never, right?
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Come join the fun at [community profile] torchwood_fest!

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[community profile] torchwood_festis hosting a Winter prompt fest. We're opening this weekend with a call for prompts. Posting starts in December. Come discover some of the government's most hidden secrets!
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This is going to be fun - thirty one-sentence fics about Jack and Ianto coming up - I just have to write them =D



Apr. 13th, 2017 01:36 pm
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Okay, here's the question: Obviously, I already have a journal here, but if I wanted a second journal in order to import all the contents from my LJ, how would I go about doing that? I can see the Create a Community tab, but there doesn't seem to be one for creating another personal account...

Can anyone help me with that?

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I don't think many people on my f-list are fellow country music fans, but I've just got to rave!

First off, I've loved Ty Herndon's music from his first album back in '95, and his duet with Stephanie Bentley on Heart Half Empty. That said, there are some tracks on albums from the late nineties onwards that I'm not so keen on, he doesn't sound as good and the songs themselves are a bit meh, the strain of his personal life showing through maybe.

Anyway, last week I managed to get hold of his most recent CD, 2016's House On Fire, and I was just blown away. I've been playing it ever since, and while some tracks stand out a bit more than others (Fighter, Blame it on the Mustang, If You, Nothing Left to Break, Just Friends, Sweet Way to Go, Stick With What I Know, and the title track) there's not a single one of the twelve tracks that I don't love. To my ears, he sounds better than ever.

There's a harder edge to some of the tracks than I'm used to from his earlier albums, heavier guitar and some interesting vocal effects, but it just works so well. I've got it playing again now. I've adopted Fighter as my personal anthem, it's such a powerful song.

Sadly a couple of Ty's CDs are still missing from my collection, country CDs are still not always easily available in the UK, not everything gets released here, so if anyone has a copy of Journey On or Lies I Told Myself that they don't want, or can get hold of a copy from somewhere, and would be willing to exchange for something from England, I'm willing to work out a trade.
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So, as some of my friends already know, just over a week ago I had one of those really stupid accidents in the home that shouldn't happen but did. I was cleaning the bath, knelt funny, tried to get my weight off my stupidly painful knee and fell sideways onto the rim of the bath. Result = probable cracked rib, which hurts whenever I do pretty much anything and is preventing me from doing certain things at all, like knitting, and putting up Christmas decorations, and reorganising my room to make space for the computer desk I'm getting. It sucks. Christmas isn't looking too Christmassy right now

I had a cracked rib three years ago, that time I did it through coughing while closing a drawer. This feels the same so probably is, it might even be the same rib. Since all the doctor would say is that I probably have a cracked rib, there's no point going to see him, so I'm just trying not to put too much strain on it. Which is easier said than done =/

So if I'm not being very cheery and festive this Christmas, this is why. Hopefully you'll all for give me if I'm grumpy and complaining. I hope you're all having a better time than I am right now.

*hugs everyone very carefully*


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