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Come join the fun at [community profile] torchwood_fest!

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[community profile] torchwood_festis hosting a Winter prompt fest. We're opening this weekend with a call for prompts. Posting starts in December. Come discover some of the government's most hidden secrets!
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This is going to be fun - thirty one-sentence fics about Jack and Ianto coming up - I just have to write them =D



Apr. 13th, 2017 01:36 pm
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Okay, here's the question: Obviously, I already have a journal here, but if I wanted a second journal in order to import all the contents from my LJ, how would I go about doing that? I can see the Create a Community tab, but there doesn't seem to be one for creating another personal account...

Can anyone help me with that?

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I don't think many people on my f-list are fellow country music fans, but I've just got to rave!

First off, I've loved Ty Herndon's music from his first album back in '95, and his duet with Stephanie Bentley on Heart Half Empty. That said, there are some tracks on albums from the late nineties onwards that I'm not so keen on, he doesn't sound as good and the songs themselves are a bit meh, the strain of his personal life showing through maybe.

Anyway, last week I managed to get hold of his most recent CD, 2016's House On Fire, and I was just blown away. I've been playing it ever since, and while some tracks stand out a bit more than others (Fighter, Blame it on the Mustang, If You, Nothing Left to Break, Just Friends, Sweet Way to Go, Stick With What I Know, and the title track) there's not a single one of the twelve tracks that I don't love. To my ears, he sounds better than ever.

There's a harder edge to some of the tracks than I'm used to from his earlier albums, heavier guitar and some interesting vocal effects, but it just works so well. I've got it playing again now. I've adopted Fighter as my personal anthem, it's such a powerful song.

Sadly a couple of Ty's CDs are still missing from my collection, country CDs are still not always easily available in the UK, not everything gets released here, so if anyone has a copy of Journey On or Lies I Told Myself that they don't want, or can get hold of a copy from somewhere, and would be willing to exchange for something from England, I'm willing to work out a trade.
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So, as some of my friends already know, just over a week ago I had one of those really stupid accidents in the home that shouldn't happen but did. I was cleaning the bath, knelt funny, tried to get my weight off my stupidly painful knee and fell sideways onto the rim of the bath. Result = probable cracked rib, which hurts whenever I do pretty much anything and is preventing me from doing certain things at all, like knitting, and putting up Christmas decorations, and reorganising my room to make space for the computer desk I'm getting. It sucks. Christmas isn't looking too Christmassy right now

I had a cracked rib three years ago, that time I did it through coughing while closing a drawer. This feels the same so probably is, it might even be the same rib. Since all the doctor would say is that I probably have a cracked rib, there's no point going to see him, so I'm just trying not to put too much strain on it. Which is easier said than done =/

So if I'm not being very cheery and festive this Christmas, this is why. Hopefully you'll all for give me if I'm grumpy and complaining. I hope you're all having a better time than I am right now.

*hugs everyone very carefully*

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This post is pretty much just for me, because I got so tired of searching out some of my favourite instrumental pieces on youtube. I suddenly had the brainwave of gathering them together for my listening pleasure. They're mostly fiddle and/or guitar, with one dobro track thrown in because Jerry Douglas is awesome and I've loved this one since the first time I heard it.
Music Below... )
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Hello, friends! I'm seeking beta assistance for an as yet unknown number of fics for
torchwood_fest. So far I have one just under 2k ready for betaing, and there will be at least one more which I haven't started writing yet, but more likely two or three as I'd like to do the weekly prompts for the Fest as well.

If anyone can offer their services, basically to check I haven't made any silly mistakes or missed a typo or two, please either comment below or send a PM

Also, please consider joining in the fun by writing for the fest. There are prompts at
this post, no sign-ups necessary, as well as weekly prompts, or you can just write something else winter themed. as long as it's Torchwood, it's welcome!

twf banner.jpg

Next week, posting begins for the December fest at torchwood_fest[community profile] torchwood_fest! (I know, it's not YET December, but it's pretty close!)

We'll have plenty of fic and art for everyone to enjoy and we encourage everyone to come join us!

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OMG, just found this amazing video of salmon crossing a slightly flooded road and dodging traffic. How weird is that? Not something drivers usually have to watch out for, but it's oddly mesmerising, not to mention edge-of-seat stuff when they go scurrying in front of a car!

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Thank you to all of you who sent hugs, good wishes, and a lovely virtal gift, you really helped me get through today *hugs*

Well, as I already told most of you, the prep didn't go too well, I managed most of the first litre, barely slept last night, and I still felt full this morning so I only got through half a litre of the second lot. I called the hospital to discuss matters and they suggested I go in anyway and they'd see if the test could still be done.

Battled my way there (by taxi) through pouring rain and traffic jams, then found all the doctors were running late, so I was sitting around in a hospital gown and thin hospital dressing gown, in a chilly room and had to dig out my cardigan again to stay warm for an hour and a half. Oh joy. I didn't want to be there and then I had to wait. Good thing I took a book with me.

I was not knocked out for the test as I'd expected, just sedated enough to relax me, but everyone was very nice and they let me keep my crystals with me, and... honestly, it wasn't terrible. What surprised me though was being told I'd done an excellent job with the prep, so I'm really glad I didn't chicken out and cancel. I will say it's odd being able to see your own insides on the monitor the doctor uses though...

Apparently, everything was perfectly fine, which is good news I guess, something else ruled out. Spent an hour in recovery, with water and biscuits, then had to wait half an hour for a taxi and got stuck in traffic all the way home. But then my friend, who's staying tonight, popped out and got chips, so that was a nice treat. I rarely have them =)

Not quite caught up online yet, but I got my writing done - three drabbles this morning, two more this evening - and posting is done. My streak is still unbroken!

Still things I want to get done before bed, so I'd best get on with it.

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Just a quick heads up to everyone out there to let you know I might not be around tomorrow. I have a test scheduled at the hospital, assuming all goes well with the prep for it (which starts at seven this evening and continues at godawful o'clock in the morning - seriously, I'll have to get up at five in order to be awake enough to start drinking the second litre of stuff at six). My appointment is 2.35pm. That means leaving here no later than 1.30pm because I have to be there half an hour before.

I might have time to post something in the morning, if I feel up to it, or I might be able to post somehing and answer comments after I get home, but I'm not counting on that because I'll be sedated for the test and could be quite groggy after. We shall see.

Of course, if I can't drink the prep stuff for any reason, I might be here as usual, in which case please to disregard this message ;)

Anyway, wish me luck, if you're so inclined, and hopefully normal service will resume by Tuesday.

Thanks to my anxiety problems, I am, of course, terrified and would gladly cancel right now, but I suppose I should at least try *wibble*

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I've finally taken the plunge and my new multi-fandom drabble community is up. It's called [community profile] drabble_zone .

Come and check it out - there's a post for Questions and Suggestions, and one for Tag Requests, where you can ask to have tags created for any fandoms you might like to write in, and suggest any other tags you think might be useful.

The first challenge will be posted tomorrow, and as it's a new community, Challenge 1 will run for two weeks to allow members to join and participate. Challenge 2 will be posted on September 3rd.

All fandoms, original fic, and rpf are welcome, so if you like writing drabbles, this is the community for you.

Hope to see you there!

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As some of my F-list know, I'm in the process of starting a new multi-fandom drabble community, with weekly prompts to inspire all those drabblers among us whose favouirite fandoms have no active drabble-specific community of their own.

I'm looking for potential co-mods and also for someone who could create a community icon once the community has a name.

So far, there are three possible names for this soon-to-be community. So, let's see if I can do this right and add a poll...

Poll #17603 Drabble Community Naming Poll
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 1

Which name is best?

View Answers

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0 (0.0%)

1 (100.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Oh Dear...

May. 19th, 2016 02:32 pm
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Question: How do you know when you're buying too many CDs?

Answer: When 23 arrive in the post on one day!

*headdesk* I have no idea where to put them all. ebay has a lot to answer for. Where else can you get 8 CDs for just over £10? I'm listening to a LOT of music these days.

I should probably cut down on the buying, but I bought another 5 just before the post arrived. in my defence, it was buy 4 get 1 free, so technically I only bought 4... Until today I didn't even know Corbin-Hanner had done a live album, I thought there were just the two studio albums. Of course I had to get it!

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For absolutely no reason, I'm suddenly not being allowed access to livejournal AT ALL! Not a single page is accessible, it seems that out of the blue, barely half an hour after posting today's fics, my ip address may have been banned. I've sent an appeal, now all I can do is wait and hope that whatever is going on is some kind of mistake. This is so unfair! How can I survive without access to half of my challenge communities? Especially now, when I need the support of my friends while I'm dealing with all my health issues. I'm panicking, because what if they won't let me back? Is it possible to get a new ip address? I just don't understand any of this =(

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So, I saw this meme thingy on a friend's journal and it looked like it could be fun.


Comment with a number, and a pairing/two or more characters, and I'll try to write you a ficlet or drabble.



Pick a number... )


Apr. 12th, 2016 02:41 pm
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A week or so ago, I spotted a blue and white plush Totoro up for auction on ebay, so being a big Totoro fan, I bid on it, and won.

Yesterday, my package arrived. Imagine my surprise when I opened it and found this...

See picture here... )
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Got my card, what d'you think?


Festivals and Celebrations

A Quiet Celebration
Mind and Body


An Internal Battle


Meant To Be

Restless Spirits
Crack Treated Seriously

Coat Life

The Park In Autumn

A Merciful End
Mutation / Transformation

Team Mates

Team Disharmony


Relaxing Vacation
Journeys and Quests


Cleveland Or Bust
Wild Card - Explorer

Bus Station Arrival



Deserved Honors

Out Of Cardiff
Original characters

An Important Task

I Walk through the Valley of Death

In The Valley Of Death
On the Balcony


Moments Of Honesty
A Battle / Fight / Confrontation


Setting The Doctor Straight


Shoes By The Door
Crossover: TV shows and movies


Alley Encounter

Storm Season
Character Death

The Worst Best Day
Sun and Stars


The Prodigal's Return

A few I'm not sure of (Sirocco anyone?) but on the whole I'm reasonably happy.

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So, who else fancies signing up for 
[community profile] genprompt_bingo  with me? It looks like it could be fun, and it's pretty low pressure for a bingo...

Am I crazy? After cottoncandy_bingo, I said Never Again, but hey, you only live once, right? I'm quite excited by the idea. Of course I haven't signed up yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to, so if someone else did too it would be nice! Can I tempt anyone?

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It's been a year since mum passed away, a year of sadness, stress, worry and health problems, but also a year of great friendships, new challenges, and an awful lot of writing. Last year alone I wrote 303,140 words!

I've learned a lot in the past year about what I'm capable of achieving when I try. I've discovered that living alone, while it can be lonely at times, is also okay. In some ways, I never really feel that alone because everywhere I look are reminders of mum. She and my dad moved into this house a couple of months before I was born, I've lived my whole life here, and while not all the memories are good, most are.

I still miss mum every day, there are so often things that I wish I could tell her or show her, just to see the look on her face. I tell her anyway, because who knows, maybe she can still hear and see.

Life goes on though. I promised her that I would be okay, and despite everything, I'm keeping that promise with the help of my friends.

I don't know what the next year will bring, but I want to thank all my many friends here online for your support and friendship over the past year. You helped me get through some very difficult times and I can't thank you enough.

So here's to another year of friendship; hopefully the coming year will be happier and less stressful for us all - I know I'm not the only one who's had a rough time over the past twelve months. But if we can find at least one thing each day to be happy about, we'll be okay. Sometimes one happy thing is all that's needed, so I wish you all a year full of happy things. *hugs*

Love you all!

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Happy Valentine's Day, or February 14th, whichever floats your boat!

Have another owl pic - these two are Willow and Flash, young Barn Owls. The young lady is one of the Raptor Centre prople.

Willow & Flash, Barn Owls


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